ITS Phone System Experience

Speakeasy Partner

Computer Telephony Integration, or CTI, blends a company's telephone system with its computer network. While the products themselves are quite easy to use, finding a reseller with expertise in both fields is rare. How many telephone system installers would you trust integrating your phone system with your network?

With over a decade of experience with integrated phone systems, ITS has the knowledge and experience to put Speakeasy Business VoIP or Vertical TeleVantage® to work for you.

Our firm brings 30 years of experience working with computer networks. Two of our current employees worked for AT&T Bell Labs (now known as Lucent) prior to working for ITS, so we know what we're doing with phone systems too. Plus, we use the industry-leading and award-winning TeleVantage phone system in our own office.

This gives ITS the ability to handle all your computer and telecom needs, something most computer consultants and telecom installers cannot offer. We have the skills to integrate your phone system and your computer network...and improve the performance of both!