Phone Systems: Speakeasy VoIP

Speakeasy Partner

Speakeasy Hosted VoIP is a hosted service that combines voice, data, PBX, long distance, and conferencing into one cost-effective communications solution. Long a favorite of ours for broadband Internet solutions for our clients, in 2005 Speakeasy launched its VoIP solutions for business and home users.

By hosted service we mean that there is a very low equipment footprint and inexpensive equipment costs compared to a traditional, modular "hang on the wall" PBX. The service and all features are maintained in Speakeasy's network operations center, with only the telephones and two routers installed in an office.

Because Speakeasy bundles their competitively-priced Internet service with their VoIP service, they are in a unique position to guarantee QoS (Quality of Service) all the way back to their network operations center. Other VoIP providers like Vonage lose control of voice packets as soon as they leave your office and travel onto the Internet. By contrast Speakeasy prioritizes time-sensitive VoIP traffic throughout their network.